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As a member, you will gain access to the most inspiring fitness professionals Los Angeles has to offer. Begin your fitness journey with three complimentary personal training sessions that will kick start your fitness program and give you the knowledge and confidence you need to exceed your aspirations.

We connect you with the right professional according to your goals. This is about more than reps and sets—this is about finding someone who can inspire you to reach the pinnacle of your success; because when you meet the right person, the results can be remarkable. 


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Foundations Program

Three complimentary 25 minute personal training sessions. FREE FOR NEW MEMBERS.

Exceed Foundations is an introduction to your personal fitness program (up to $200.00 value):

  • A results-based training consultation

  • A fitness assessment based on your needs and goals

  • A customized success plan

  • An introduction to proper form and equipment use

Personal Training Full Session

The 50 minute session of individualized personal training is perfect for those wanting to increase their lean, skeletal muscle mass or for individuals in need of gaining strength, stability and functional capacity.

50 minutes, starting at $100 per session. 

Express Personal Training

For those looking for a more intense, shorter workout we offer our Express Sessions. These are 25 minute high intensity bouts that are perfect for increasing cardiovascular endurance, improving body composition, and testing your fitness levels, These workouts can be easily scaled down for the beginner looking for basic health benefits.

25 minutes, starting at $64 per session.

Partner Training

Partner Training is perfect for members who would like to share the experience with a friend or relative. These sessions are an hour in length. Get ready to sweat together!

60 minutes, starting at $64 per person.

Small Group Training

Small group training is the most economic option and provides the added benefit of extra motivation by working out with a group of 3-6 people for 50 minutes.

50 minutes, starting at $32 per session. 


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Jamie’s career in fitness began in 2011 with her entry into a regional Fitness Universe competition. That competition began a love for fitness which led Jamie to completely alter the trajectory of her career. She became a trainer that same year and has since amassed an impressive competitor resume which includes twelve Top-5 placings and five as first runner-up to the Ms. Bikini title. In 2014, Jamie earned her designation as a Ms. Bikini Universe Pro competitor. In addition to her expertise in changing physique, Jamie also has extensive experience in performance enhancement. She is the previous owner of a CrossFit box in Texas, previous owner of a successful event management company for independent CrossFit competitions, and a former pro-sports dancer/cheerleader.

Jamie has a special affinity for training those who consider themselves either absolute beginners or “lost causes” who’ve lost belief in their ability to be in control of their health.

Specifically, Jamie specializes in physique transformation and fine-tuning of aesthetic goals, flexibility and movement/mobility, nutrition, and assistance with goals, habits, and lifestyle change.


  • The University of Alabama - Interdisciplinary Studies, Business Track

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) - Certified Personal Trainer

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) – Group Fitness Instructor

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) – Nutrition Specialist

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guest services manager
certified personal trainer
level i

Kenneth's background in fitness began with a love of sports. His athletic background includes track, basketball, soccer, and baseball. His transition into a personal training role was a natural one and he loves helping our members get into the best shape of their lives!


Weight loss, Athletic training,  physique training


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  • Attended college at Texas Tech




I believe in making exercise fun. I want my clients to want to come back into the gym to enjoy their workout. And when they see results, they'll enjoy it even more!

My philosophy is that my clients are my business cards. If they don't look good, I don't look good.

Post Rehab, Seniors, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Injury Rehab, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Core Strength.


  • Global PTA CPT



certified personal trainer
level i

Princeton is a firm believer in the mental and physical benefits of exercise; building a stronger and more enthusiastic mind and body. He enjoys engaging and connecting with his clients, motivating them to get the most out of their trainings. With a background in coaching basketball, he takes an athletic approach to educating and encouraging his clients. With an upbeat, efficient, and intense training style, he leaves his clients feeling and looking superior. Currently a youth basketball coach for the Los Angeles Clippers, Princeton has been playing basketball himself for many years. His favorite food is pizza.


Functional training, Body building, Strength and conditioning, Weight loss


  • Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management from Delaware State University.

  • IHP Certified Functional Trainer



certified personal trainer
level i

Eli was a self-proclaimed “small kid” and during his teenage years, found a love of fitness when he made a goal to put on size and completely change not only the way he looks, but his physical strength and ability. He loved the process so much, he decided to make a career out of helping others do the same.

A big believer in self-motivation and consistency, Eli takes the time to help his clients discover how to develop these qualities in themselves. Eli also admits that he’s a stickler for proper form and keeps a keen eye on his clients to make sure they always display proper technique.


Body composition change, strength development, lifestyle change


  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer




I believe fitness is a journey that can be progressed dualistically with our life’s journey. The place I find most people struggle with in their fitness journey is taking the first step. Whether it be, developing an effective workout program, consistency of going to the gym, or proper nutritional habits. As a fitness professional, I want to help you knock down whatever barriers that are preventing you from beginning your fitness journey. My focus of training is functionality.  This style of training is designed to help clients see improvement in their everyday lives by increasing strength, enhancing mobility, and giving a great aesthetic look.


Functional fitness, athletic development, body composition change.


  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Enter the Flow - Kettlebell Specialization

  • Animal Flow - Certified Instructior

  • Functionality Method - Certified Instructior


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